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“Tarot is a wonderful journey of Self Discovery”
“Tarot is a wonderful journey of Self Discovery”

Faulkner Tarot

I am The Approved Faulkner Tarot Trainer for Kent (UK) but can teach WORLDWIDE

The course runs for 12 magical weeks and can be taught world wide via Skype / Messenger/ FaceTime / What’s App.

Due to Covid-19 I am currently unavailable to offer face2face lessons from my home in Cranbrook..

I teach the Classic Black & White Deck and the Colour Faulkner Tarot deck.

Upon completion you will receive a certificate direct from Rhiannon Faulkner herself! (Creator of the deck)

The Faulkner Tarot Deck was the first Modern Black and White Photographic Tarot Deck.

Both decks use images from everyday life making very relatable and easy to understand the individual energies from all of the cards.

Rhiannon Faulkner brings the ancient art of Tarot into the modern day times.

These cards are perfect for beginners and experienced readers alike.

Passionate about working with spirit, Rhiannon has made it her mission to change people’s perception of the tarot. She wants it to be recognised as the modern form of counselling, rather than a dark and misunderstood tool.  

The 12 week course is a fun and sometimes emotional journey through the tarot, helping you to relate your own life to each card. It is ideal for people who want to learn for personal reasons and also those who wish to be able to do readings for others professionally.

During the course you will learn:

1) How to use the cards together to answer specific questions

2) Gypsy meanings which can not be found in the workbook

3) Timings with the Tarot

4) Different Spreads

5) Tips on how to develop your intuition

6) Ongoing support during the course and once you have qualified in a private Facebook Group

7) Tips on how to give telephone readings and how to do a test reading for Psychic Phoneline companies

8) Information on insurance should you decide to work professionally

Each lesson takes approximately 2 hours plus “Home Play”.

Please note that “Home Play” is essential to your Tarot Journey.

Along with teaching you how read the cards intuitively I also teach you how you can track your own energy over a 24 hour Period!

Over the last 10 Years I’ve studied with the best!

Rhiannon Faulkner

Doreen Virtue

Kyle Gray

Colette Baron Reid

Debra Silverman

Yasmin Boland

Nicky Alan

Inspiral Mediums

Part of my Soul’s Path is to teach and pass on knowledge so that you can understand the astrological energies that influence us all and for you to be able to read your own cards personally or on a professional level.

Payment Options

Pay in Full £375 prior to course commencing

2 Payments of £187.50 (1st Payment must be paid prior to Lesson 1 and 2nd Instalment must be paid prior to Lesson 7)

3 Payments of £125 (1st Payment must be paid prior to Lesson 1, 2nd Instalment must be paid prior to Lesson 5 and the Final Instalment must be paid prior to Lesson 9)

In order to enroll in the course you will need to purchase the Faulkner Tarot Deck and Workbook which is available on Rhiannon Faulkner’s Website:

You will also need a pen and a notepad or journal to take notes during each lesson.

How do I sign up ?

If you would like more information or a booking form please contact Julia via the Contact Page or if you prefer you can email.

Please email

Faulkner Tarot Conversion Course

Faulkner Tarot Conversion Courses are also available so if you have completed the 12 week course with either The Black & White or Colour Deck you may wish to sign up to the 4 Week Conversion Course.

This consists of 4 weekly lessons (Approx 2 hours each)

The purpose behind these classes is to help you connect intuitively, with each card along with time to troubleshoot and Q&A.

You must be already certified by myself or another Faulkner Trainer to take this 4 Week Course.

Refreshner Lessons

One off refreshner lessons are also available if you are struggling with any concept of reading Tarot.

These refreshner lessons are open to everyone and can be booked for 1 or 2 hours.

1 Hour - £15

2 Hour - £30