Shining Starr Holistics

T's And C's


Please read prior to purchasing a Reading / Intuitive Session with Shining Starr Holistics.

All Readings / Intuitive Sessions are for 'entertainment' purpose only. They are for guidance only and are given in good faith and with the best intentions. It is your OWN FREE WILL that decides the path you take with the infomation you have recieved.

You (the client) must be aged 18 and over to purchase a reading.  Readings / Intuitive Sessions are subject to your own personal interpretation. Shining Starr Holistics (Julia Blake) cannot guarantee to accurately predict future events.

You are advised to seek licensed professional advice in matters of health, financial and legal matters. Information given in a Reading / Intuitive Session with regards to these matters is not guaranteed to be accurate.  

For moral and ethical reasons, Shining Starr Holistics (Julia Blake) reserve the right to decline to answer a specific question in relation to health, financial and legal matters and in this case a full refund will be given.

Timings with the tarot is extremely difficult - Shining Starr Holistics  (Julia Blake) cannot guarantee that this will be accurate.  

When asking your question please avoid questions which require a yes / no answer. You will gain more from you Intuitive Session by being as specific as you can with your question. By framing your question in this way and also for your Highest Good will enable complete guidance being given to you.

A Wishy Washy Question will receive a wishy washy answer!!

A Reading / Intuitive Session with Shining Starr Holistics (Julia Blake) will leave you feeling empowered and with the guidance of what your next right action should be within the situation in question.

Shining Starr Holistics (Julia Blake) holds no responsibility for actions taken by you (the client) after a reading. Your choices are of your own free will. 

All Skype / Messenger/ Phone / Email Readings must be paid for in full prior to the reading taking place.

A £10 non - refundable deposit must be paid to secure a face2face reading.

Refunds will not be given, unless Shining Starr Holistics (Julia Blake) cannot for whatever reason provide you with a reading.

By purchasing a reading you agree to these Terms and Conditions.